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Save: £82.12

FZ Forza Power 996 Badminton Racket

Save: £82.12
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FZ Forza Power 996 - Special Offer


With this racket we are re-launching our innovative and recognized 96 hole string system. The racket has a 96 hole string system that offers the best control, while the titanium reinforced head makes sure you have superior accuracy though the Kevlar® shaft gives you power. This racket offers the best control and power and is designed for elite and tournament players only.




Kevlar is a very advanced material which combines great strength with light weight. The material is elastic and yet  5 times stronger than steel. Therefore Kevlar has a lot of uses and is uses Kevlar in combination with graphite int he rackets we can make light and extremely strong rackets with a lot of power. Kevlar helps absorb the shock at impact, making the racket feel soft and comfortable which let you generate more power.

Titanium is a very light and rigid material which is used to build space shuttles among other things. The combination of graphite and titanium increases the racket’s durabiliy  and gives the racket increased control.

As we continue to improve our rackets and strive towards creating the best racket in the world, we continually research and develop new materials and ideas to take our rackets to the next level. Carbon Nano Tubes (CNT) is based on extraordinary small scale advancements in the material construction. Thank to our cooperation with Aalborg University in Denmark, FZ FORZA is able to introduce world-class rackets manufactured using polymer composite materials modified by Multi-Wall Carbon Nano Tubes (MWCNT). Thanks to the MWCNT technology your FZ FORZA racket has improved durability in comparison with conventional rackets. The polymer resin that binds the carbon fibers together will ensure toughness and damage tolerance.

This material is used to enhance the performance in our very best rackets. The ultra high modulus graphite is stronger and stiffer than ordinary graphite, creating rackets that have less torsion and more power. This will give you more accurate and powerful strokes.

FZ FORZA has developed a hexagon frame which is more narrow and stronger than usual. It gives reduced air resistance and less torsion. That means faster reactions, better  control and more power.


Badminton racket weight 86 g
Balance Medium
Flexibility Stiff
Number of holes 96
Max. stringing tension 26-27 lbs
Style of play All-Round game
String With Ashaway string
Product colour Gold
Series Power

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